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University of Limoges
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Alan Layec


Last Update
February 10 2006

What is ?


Toolbox internal organization

This toolbox contains several elements :


For the time being, this toolbox is frozen at beta version to enable the bugs correction.

This version is avialable for scilab 3.0, 3.1, RC-4 :


The instructions are given in the README file in the root directory of the toolbox.


Source version and binary version of the toolbox include a documentation in html format.

Two languages are supported : english and french but for this time only english documentation is written.

You can see(HTML) or download(PDF) the toolbox documentation with this following links :


Scicos Palettes

Nonlinear palette

Image capt_pal_nonlinear_scale

Communication palette

Image capt_pal_com_scale

PLL palette

Image capt_pal_pll_scale

Scicos diagrams


Image capt_synthe_scale

PSK chain transmission

Image capt_psk_scale

Chaotic sub-system

Image capt_bif_scale

Future improvements


alan 2006-02-08