The LATTIS has two experimental platforms:
  • The Electromagnetic compatibility matarial platform concentrates both the means of measurement components EMC (spectrum analyzers, measuring antennae, TEM cells / GTEM, broadband oscilloscope, DPI injection testbench and Near - Field Injection Test bench, emission test benche, climatic chamber). The platform is used in research EMC components.
    • Platform coordinator: Alexandre Boyer
    • Platform assistant engineer: Christophe Lemoine
  • Platform related to "Robotics" which brings together pneumatic actuator devices for artificial muscles and arm-robots operated by these artificial muscles. These sites are the experimental support, on the one hand, the research done by the team System Dynamics on non-linear control and robotics artificial muscles, on the other hand, the research team Critical Embedded Systems on specification and design of safe working robots.
    • Platform coordinator: Bertrand Tondu